HS Tennis

We’ll start off this post with a sport that’s not usually mentioned with the popular high school sports. Tennis is a great sport that can be picked up in high school, unlike most other sports like basketball, baseball, football, etc. Tennis can be learned quickly if you are athletic, and it is tons of fun. Tennis in high school is generally much less serious than the demanding practice regimes of the sports I just mentioned, but it’s not a joke sport, you can definitely make it very competitive and seriously fun when you hit the upper varsity level. Even if you want to just play JV and have fun with it, tennis is very interesting, and it’s one of the most fun times I’ve had playing a sport for the first time.

Make sure that if you are new to the sport you grab a couple of friends, you might be able to play doubles and have your partner be your best friend, which helps with teammate chemistry and just overall enjoyment of the game. Even though tennis isn’t a team sport in the normal sense, if your team is anything like mine, you will get to know each other quickly during practices and you will get to enjoy some of the goofing around that is widespread in all sports, no matter what it is. Okay maybe golf is an exception now that I think of it. Either way, tennis is a lot more fun than you might think it is if you’ve never tried suunto core all black military before and think that watching it on TV is boring.

When you get to the courts after school to hit tennis balls with friends and coaches that you never see anytime besides during practice and games, it’s an absolute blast. Tennis can help you get your mind off of school or anything else that is stressful, and is a great way to get an extra curricular activity on your resume to add to your list of activities if you’re thinking of college.

One thing that is pretty important when learning how to play tennis is to make sure that you pay close attention to what your coach tells you about gripping your racket, because that is extremely vital to hitting the ball correctly and getting better at the game. As you now, it’s not very fun to lose, but winning is really fun. You don’t have to take it too seriously, but it definitely is more fun once you get the hang of the game and start beating other tennis players that have been playing for years while you just started playing two months ago. I still remember the day me and my friend won our first doubles match together. It was the only match me and him ever won, and it was the first and only time that we were doubles partners together. I’m not sure why our coach didn’t put us together before or after that, but winning that day was definitely a cool experience, and it was fun to tell all our friends that we actually won, considering our losing streak before that match.

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